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Seaforth Highlanders of Holland Memorial Pipes and Drums

Voorthuizen, the Netherlands

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 Since September 1999, the Netherlands has gained a new pipe band, primarily military oriented. "The Seaforth Highlanders of Holland, Memorial Pipes and Drums", residing in Voorthuizen, the Netherlands, has been established in commemoration of the liberating armed forces of the "Gelderse Vallei" in 1945, and in particular the regiment Seaforth Highlanders of Canada. The society at the moment has over 24 members and recently presented her plans during a well-visited Open Day.

The Seaforth Highlanders of Holland, Memorial Pipes and Drums, was founded on 8th September 1999 in the Dutch town of Barneveld. The pipe band primarily consists of amateur musicians, who intend to provide Scottish/Canadian music during memorial services, tattoos, various processions and special events from 1st April 2000 onwards. The society has been established as a living and musical memory to the Canadian and British soldiers who liberated the "Gelderse Vallei" from German occupation in 1945. In essence, service men from The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada performed a crucial task in liberating the district of Voorthuizen/Barneveld. This fact is the main reason the new band has been named after this still existing regiment. The Canadian army has officially given permission to the Dutch band to carry the name and the special uniform (including matching tartan). Despite the fact that the new pipe band intends to be fully operational from 1st April 2000 onwards, already a small dedicated core of experienced musicians is performing. September 18/19 saw the group perform during the memorial activities surrounding the commemoration of the Battle of Arnhem in the towns of Ede and Oosterbeek. In charge of the band is drum major Mr. K. Westerkamp. The society is still keen to sign up both novice and experienced pipers and drummers. The Seaforth Highlanders of Holland rehearse in Voorthuizen every Tuesday night.

The band has ambitious plans for the year 2000. During the liberation festivities in May, the band can be seen and heard during several venues in the Netherlands. At the beginning of August, the pipers and drummers will give several performances in the Scottish capital Edinburgh.

Contact Persons Band Manager:  Mr. Ruud de Jong (phone: 0341-424552)
Drum Major:  Mr. Kees Westerkamp (phone: 020-6974456)
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