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The Lorne Scots
(Peel, Dufferin and Halton Regiment)
(3rd Canadian Infantry Brigade Defence Platoon)Houston, Texas

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Unit History/Date Formed

  The Lorne Scots (3rd Cdn Inf Bde Def Platoon) was created in 2000.

Contact Persons The Lorne Scots WWII Living History Group is headquartered in Houston, Texas. The participate with several different World War Two Historical Re-enactment (Living History) Organizations, including the Texas Military Historical Society (TMHS), the Gulf Coast Living History Association as well as the Louisiana Military Historical Association (LMHA). The unit represents a defense platoon (c.1943) at the Brigade level, with attached "administrative personnel" for those who wish to represent "behind the lines" soldiers. Those who represent Brigade/Corps level personnel (Engineers, Signals, etc.) are welcome to attach. The Lorne Scots dress, drill and deportment requirements are extremely specific and are enforced at all events. Dress is composed solely of World War Two British/Indian khaki drill (or Aertex) uniforms, standard P-37 webbing, and the No. 4 Mk. 1 Lee Enfield .303 rifle. For "walking out dress", all personnel are given one year to purchase (or have manufactured) a Campbell of Atholl tartan kilt. Pipers are accepted into the unit provided they are post-tutelage and professional in their playing and appearance; no bearded "Pipe-Majors" under any circumstances will be allowed. The Lorne Scots will be taking part in various living history activities in Southeast Texas, from Beaumont to Houston. Any inquiries may be made to the Unit Commander.

Michael W. Stewart
1908 Richmond Avenue
Houston, TX 77098-3402 USA
(713) 942-8206